am i wry? no
Hello! I'm Mars and i'm a 23 mexican girl. Psichology student. I'm a music lover, i also like photography, anime & manga.
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“In my mind there is something reliable about sadness, it’s always there, always available. Whereas happiness is a fleeting feeling, something that can easily be torn apart and usually only persists for a limited time.”
-Jonas Bjerre
Por favor, por favor, por favor, por favor diimeee quienes son las chicas que parecen en un photo set que dice abajo "classical music playing aggressively in the background". No estoy segura y ASHDJSDADBBHASXDB

Hola :D

Pues el nombre de la rubia no puedo recordarlo, perdón :( pero la otra chica es Alexa Chung

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Have always, will always love this song.

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You have heart

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classical music playing aggressively in the background 

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Underwater Puppies Plunge Into Cute Photo Series

Photographer Seth Casteel is back, this time with a new series Underwater Puppies!


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im gonna miss this manga so much  ˃̣̣̥᷄˂̣̣̥᷅ )

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sherlock wearing: the sheet

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